Monday, August 21, 2006

Expedition to Yim's House

Last weekend, Anth, Ben, Bec and myself drove down to Kampong Speu to visit Yim's family for an extended lunch. Thanks to the stratified classes we have here in Cambodia, Yim has had the dubious distinction of picking up my dirty clothes and washing them for the last 2.5 years. As well as spending way too much time looking after lazy foreigners, Yim is also a wonderful wonderful human being. It therefore brought us immense joy – and ridiculous amounts of humility – to visit her village. Anth has just posted a description of our trip on her blog.


Elizabeth said...

Hey... just got here via a search on Google blog. Your blog has the best name I've seen yet. I have a blogroll full of other people alleviating middle and upper class guilt by working in poor countries. Good luck on your work, and on your blog... I've linked to you.

Michaela said...

Hi Yim! Andrew, I'm so jealous of your visit out to the speu. I am always telling people over here [in Africa] about Yim and how amazingly wonderful she was. Please send her my best and give her a hug. Did she cook for you on my old dishes? :o)