Thursday, October 12, 2006

Clean Hand Treaties

Last week 110,000 Clean Hand treaties were presented to the National Assembly. Logistically the event went well considering the very short timeframe in which it was organised (2.5 days). One member from each political party was invited to attend the event, but at the last minute the CPP (Cambodia's ruling party) pulled out and the event was swamped by MPs from the Sam Rainsy Party (the opposition party). Given the lop-sided attendance, you could question whether all the advocacy goals were achieved. Hopefully though, a small percentage of the 110,000 people that signed the treaty realised that their voice is being broadcast to those that matter. Now if only the MPs would cease busily squirreling all their monumental assets away in hard to reach locales, and focus their attention on passing the 13 year old anti-corruption law, which is the victim of a protracted game of hot-potato between ministries.

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