Saturday, May 03, 2008

Semi-Permanent Dwellings Again

Sorry its been such a long time since our last update folks. Anth and I have been busily settling into the groove of life back in Australia. Anth is now several months into her new job.

Contrary to an earlier post from late last year about my plans to start a Masters in International Development, I've decided to drop the facade of helping needy people out of poverty by starting a Masters of Business of Administration instead. I've slowly been coming to turns with the loss of something I used to know as personal time, as the demands of study have subsumed my life. Its nice to be studying again though, and I never thought that I would put the words "accounting" and "interesting" in the same sentence together.

Our new abode in Melbourne is located in Toorak - one of the swankier suburbs, which means that I have had to find a suitable restraint system for our micro chihuahua for the back our Mercedes when we go out on drives to our holiday house. We are in the second story of a 1940's apartment block that has a rather pleasing vista over the city skyline. Its been nice to unpack possessions from various stages of our lives and have them all in the one place. I have acquired a new-found love for inanimate objects - driven primarily by our new front loading washing machine and the vintage deco style hardwood sideboard that we acquired in Phnom Penh at the end of last year.

Unfortunately work and study commitments have meant that we have not yet been able to fully avail of the many cultural delights on offer in Melbourne. We have managed to see a few live shows though - including a sprawling 3 hour epic set from Ween. In contrast to the last few years, our travel plans for the immediate future are fairly modest - extending only to the odd trip interstate.


Erik Davis said...

welcome back, friends! Glad to see you floating in the blogosphere. Skype soon?

Kratzy said...

Oh my goodness! I almost died of shock seeing a post from you! Good to see some activity. Still coming to visit next month? Steph.