Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just Plain Wrong

I'm all for innovation and fusion in the food and beverage industry - but sometimes things go too far. I was innocently ordering a beer on a street stall in Turpan the othe night with a couple we had met travelling, and I yelled out to the chap who was up at the counter purchasing another beer "get the Xiliang!" which I had spied on the shelves. The Xiliang is a nice wheaty beer that tastes much better than the other Xinjiang province drops.

I was the first to taste the new purchase when it arrived at the table, and I immediately noticed that something was badly awry. "This tastes strangely like it has pineapple cordial in its guys!". Sure enough a closer inspection of the label revealed that it was indeed a fruity flavoured beer:

Ice in beer when it is warm (a Cambodian necessity) and shandy I can just tolerate, but not an abonimation like this. As an aside a bloody fight about an unpaid bill involving multiple locales, stools and bloody noses broke out moments after I took this photo at the shop beside ours.

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